COVID-19 Stress Management Course

Dealing with emotions like anxiety and the stress it causes is incredibly difficult during the COVID-19 outbreak. Dr. Frank Wood has created an online, four-class course, Thriving With Stress, to help you learn the most effective way to manage stress during this crisis. Normally priced at $150, Uncovered and Dr. Frank Wood are partnering to offer this service free of charge during this challenging time. 

Slots limited to 25 individuals per class. 
Overflow sign ups will be added to the next week's class.

Free Course Schedule

Course 1: May 11, 2020

5:00pm EST

Course 2: May 12, 2020

5:00pm EST

Course 3: May 13, 2020

5:00pm EST

Course 4: May 14, 2020

5:00pm EST

Simple Mindfulness Exercises Will Help You Gain A Feeling Of “Settled Calm”

The COVID-19 outbreak, social distancing and adapting to a new-normal can be stressful and overwhelming.  These emotions can be provocative, leaving you irritable, prone to lashing out, feeling sometimes helpless or completely demotivated.  That is completely natural.

The most important thing you can do to avoid being consumed by stress and anxiety is to learn how your body processes these emotions and the simple exercises that can help you manage and redirect that emotion.

What You Will Learn In This Course

These Thriving With Stress classes are lead by Dr. Frank Wood and co-hosted by hollistic psychotherapist Analeise Parchen.

Chapter 1: Discover your stress response

Learn exactly what a stress response is, and what your body is trying to communicate to you.

Chapter 2: Identify your stress triggers

Everyone experiences different stress triggers, learn what things trigger a stress response for YOU.

Chapter 3: Reset your stress “Spin Cycle”

Learn to identify and control when your body and mind take you into a stress-inducing cyclical thought pattern.

Chapter 4: Grow beyond stress and burnout

Learn how to finally overcome those self beliefs that leave you feeling defeated and exhausted.

Meet Your Instructor: Dr. Frank Wood, PhD

Dr. Frank Wood is a Licensed Psychologist  and the creator of Thriving with Stress, an innovative training program designed to leverage stress – in the workplace, in relationships and with life.

As a speaker, author and trainer on stress, Dr. Frank has applied all of his expertise and experience in developing The Thriving with Stress program; a program that clients refer to as a "game changer" and a “program that is turning the tables on stress.”

Dr. Frank has served over 4,000 individuals and many companies and organizations including Meridan Bioscience, Curiosity Advertising, Teach for America, Brown-Forman, Ashland Inc. Cintas, Northern Kentucky Community Action Council, and has been a featured speaker at TEDxUCincinnati.

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