Zach Obront

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“About a year ago I was traveling and needed to take my son to the er in Northeast Ohio.  We received the care, my son is fine, insurance paid the hospital and I thought that was the end of it.  Then just recently, I received a bill directly from the hospital for over $2000.  It was for additional services performed other than the hospital charge and doctors charges.  My first inclination was that it was correct and was about to pay the bill when I stopped and thought about what Scott had shared in his book.  I needed to audit that claim.  So I called the hospital and told them to resubmit the claim to my insurance company to double check if the claim was or wasn’t covered and so I could get the insurance discount if it was covered.  As a result the hospital rechecked its records and found that the claim had already been paid!  I didn’t owe the money.  I saved myself over $2000 with a phone call.  Talk about time and money well spent”