Health Insurance is not healthcare—it's your financial protection against the costs of the healthcare system. Choosing the right health insurance matters, and this is how you do it.

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The best tools to find and buy health insurance

Find the most affordable individual insurance with Health Sherpa's tool that guides you to the best policy for your situation.

A lesser known way to pay for health bills where you can cover medical expenses for a fraction of the cost of ACA individual insurance.

You can use a life insurance policy to pay for medical costs. It's a smart strategy to start saving for healthcare expenses in retirement.

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How To Get The Insurance That’s Right For You

HMO, PPO, HSA—we’ve all heard these terms before. Learn why the difference is important and how to get the best insurance for your situation.

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“Does my insurance cover that?” The healthcare landscape—especially insurance—can be a confusing mess.

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These are the best tools to help you get a clearer picture on your health costs.

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