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Healthcare Is Making Me Sick Book Giveaway For Millennial Money Podcast

Have you taken a backseat role when it comes to your healthcare and insurance decisions? 

Learn how to understand yourself and your risks, how to negotiate for the best rates, how to maximize insurance coverage, and so much more!

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About The Author: Scott Heiser

Scott has spent more than 20 years working on behalf of employers and their employees in the healthcare industry. His clients have ranged from Fortune 500 companies, to Universities, to mid and small employers. Through the years he developed customized programs which address healthcare and insurance access, how behavioral modification can be used to impact health outcomes and healthcare costs, and how to employ best practices across very different employee populations.  

Now he’s turning his attention to helping the average American. The people who have been confused, bewildered and are underrepresented in the healthcare system.

He knows how the system works and he wants to empower people to get the system to work better for the individuals who use it. His goal is to cajole, coddle, prompt, motivate, encourage, and even chastise people - by whatever means possible - to convert them into becoming active consumers of healthcare.