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Save On Your Prescriptions

Search for your prescription medication to find discounts at pharmacies near you. These discount drug prices do not require insurance, are free to use and can save you money on your medication.

Search prescriptions:

    This service brought to you by SingleCare.

    What is a Prescription Discount Card?

    How can we give you free access to discounts on prescriptions? We partner with SingleCare, which allows us to provide you access to their network of 35,000 pharmacies across the country so you can easily compare prices.

    Pharmacies can charge whatever they want for different prescriptions and sometimes those prices can change by hundreds of dollars from pharmacy to pharmacy. Singlecare allows you to use your zip code to find and access the lowest price on your medication. All you have to do is compare pharmacies and show the pharmacist your discount card when you pick up your prescription!

    Other Ways To Save On Prescriptions

    It’s important to shop around whenever you're interacting with the healthcare system. Drug cards are no different. We’ve partnered with SingleCare because we’ve heavily vetted their service and know it’s a great deal for you. 

    But there are other ways to save, on top of using a drug card—like buying generic drugs or using patient assistance programs. Read our guide 7 Insider Tricks To Save Big On Prescription Drugs to see all of the other tactics you can use to save money.


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