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Sick and tired of feeling confused and frustrated by the healthcare system? It’s time to flip the script. We’re exposing healthcare’s inner workings to put you back in control.

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Why Health Sherpa?

The Best And Quickets Way To Find Individual Health Insurance

It's Completely Free

Health Sherpa is a Healthcare.gov partner that shows all of the same plans and pricing as state marketplaces—for free. They also provide free support over the phone.

It Does The Work For You

Health Sherpa's tool guides you through the process and automatically finds the best plan for you based on your location, age, and family needs. Plus it checks subsidies to ensure you qualify for savings.

Get Answers

Get Real Answers To Your Questions

Health Sherpa has friendly, helpful insurance experts you can call or chat with if you need help choosing a plan or have personal questions about what a plan covers.

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Health Sherpa has helped over 1.8 million people find affordable, quality health coverage.