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Date: 10/29/19
Time: 10:50 PM
Written by: Uncovered Healthcare

Uncovered’s Top Healthcare Transparency Services | 2019

Healthcare transparency sites give you access to information that could help you make smarter decisions and save you thousands of dollars. But not all healthcare transparency sites are created equal. Below is our list of the top healthcare transparency websites for 2019.

Be Careful Who You Trust

Healthcare transparency sites are usually built on access to real, anonymized healthcare records that allow them to analyze cost, effectiveness and provide reviews. The only problem is, sometimes this data isn’t accurate, or the site just isn’t pulling from a large enough population to provide accurate information.

The Sites That Made Our List

We’ve reviewed each an every one of these sites to make sure they’re helpful and user friendly—but most importantly, that you can trust them. They’ve earned our stamp of approval as insiders and we think you should use them.

Reviews, Affiliation & Scheduling | Qualitative Sites

Reviews & Comparison

Reviews & Scheduling

Procedure Cost Predictors | Quantitative Sites

Cost estimator tools

Carrier cost estimator tools

Coupons And Saving Sites

Patient assistance programs

Rx Coupon Codes

EHR vendors

Even More Sites Are Coming

Healthcare price transparency is a growing trend—more and more people want to know what they’re going to pay when they visit the doctor or hospital. Everyday new sites are started to help people better understand the cost of healthcare. 

Bookmark this page. We’ll continue to update this guide as new sites become available. But most importantly, use these sites! The information they give you could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.