About Us

Our mission

Founder, Scott Heiser used his 20+ years of knowledge in healthcare to write his first book titled "Healthcare is Making Me Sick" in 2019 which gives guidance, tips and tricks on how to save money in healthcare. But after publishing the book, he realized there was a much bigger, ongoing need to help people take back control of their healthcare, and thus, Uncovered was born. At Uncovered, we believe people deserve a better cost and quality healthcare experience and we quickly identified the first problem we could solve - the high cost of prescriptions. That’s why we researched thousands of prescription savings programs to find you the lowest costs for your prescriptions. And while finding cost savings on prescription is the first problem we're tackling, we're dedicated to working for you to find you other ways to save on healthcare.

Meet our team of healthcare saving experts

Scott Heiser, Founder

Scott Heiser is a healthcare consultant who has spent over two decades as a well-connected leader in the healthcare space—creating everything from pricing, plan design, negotiations, vendor reviews, and everything in between. Scott founded Uncovered to help people get the most out of their healthcare by telling the truth—and telling it to you straight.

Ken Rose, RPH, Rx Savings Director

Ken is a multidisciplinary pharmacist, with almost 40 years of experience within pharmacy and the managed care industries. He is a pharmacy savings guru, helping people navigate the many ways they get their medicine: mail, retail, and hospital pharmacy, clinical programs, specialty pharmacy and health plans.

David Magrini

David is a healthcare marketing industry leader who constantly studies the individual decision-making process for how people make healthcare, wealth, and insurance choices in today’s digital environment. He's lead digital experience transformation at top healthcare brands like Anthem, Aetna, CIGNA, Novartis, Merck and AbbVie across customer retention marketing and digital media.

Dr. Frank Wood, MD, Mental Health Director

Dr. Frank Wood is a licensed psychologist and the creator of Thriving with Stress, an innovative training program designed to leverage stress – in the workplace, in relationships and with life. He's served over 4,000 clients, both as individuals and through corporate partnerships including Meridan Bioscience, Teach for America and Cintas, and has been a featured TEDTalks speaker at the University of Cincinnati.

Leann Poston, MD, Healthcare Content Contributor

Leann is a licensed physician by training and an educator with an M. Ed. in instructional design. She is an esteemed writer for physicians and online medical businesses. She has three decades of experience in the medical, business, and education sectors. This year alone, her work has been published in Plushcare, VeryWell Health, InvigorMedical, Ria Health, and Academy for Professionalism in Health Care.

Rami El-Chafei, Data & Technology Director

Rami has over 18 years of leadership experience focusing on business transformation and digitization, enabling revenue growth and customer retention. He has served as a trusted advisor in several functional executive roles and various global organizations, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. His expertise focuses on technology consulting, service delivery and account management, Information Systems Management, and Product Development.

Karl Merz Jr, MPH, Pharmacy Formulary Developer

Karl is a skilled pharmacy formulary developer with 5 years of experience in the Rx space. His primary focus is on assessing medication dosages for indication and strength, providing proper dosage forms, and packaging for customers and updating formulary on medications that are no longer manufactured. Karl has worked for several respected medical organizations such as BJC Healthcare and Platte Valley Medical Center.

Ben Heiser, Director of Product Experience

Ben has been building digital businesses for over 10 years, across health insurance, investing and personal health. He's passionate about building products that fundamentally solve people's needs by helping them live fuller, richer lives. He’s worked to build Uncovered to help people save more on healthcare than they ever knew was possible.