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Uncovered has partnered with Dr. Frank Wood to offer a free stress management course, based on his renown Thriving With Stress series, to help people through these challenging times.

COVID-19 And Health Insurance: Everything You Need To Know
COVID-19 Telemedicine

Get unlimited access to doctors for the equivalent of $7 per month with telemedicine.

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Your Best Options If You Lost Health Insurance Due To COVID-19

JUNE UPDATE: IF YOU LOST YOUR JOB DUE TO COVID IN EARLY APRIL BETWEEN 4/1 AND 4/15, YOU ONLY HAVE A FEW DAYS LEFT BEFORE THE CORONAVIRUS SPECIAL ENROLLMENT PERIOD ENDS Once you’ve lost health benefits through your employer due to COVID-19, you only have 60 days of eligibility for special COVID-19 health insurance subsidies. […]

COVID-19 And Health Insurance: Everything You Need To Know

Uncovered, in partnership with HealthSherpa, is committed to keeping you up-to -date on what your health insurance covers for COVD19, and what to do if you lose your health insurance. We wanted you to see what HealthSherpa has published on questions you may have – as well as a question direct from our community. Right […]

Why Every Mom Needs A Telemedicine App On Her Phone

Megan Weddle works for First Stop Health, a company that specializes in bringing telemedicine to consumers, so it’s no surprise she’s a fan of technology itself. Her reason, though, is beyond professional—it’s personal. Telemedicine helped Megan discover her twelve-year-old-son Brady—whom she thought was dealing with a simple stomach flu—was actually facing appendicitis. Not the Stomach […]

How To Safely Split Your Pills At Home | Ken's Capsule

Splitting your pills can be a great way to save money, but there are some things that you must consider when deciding if it’s right for you. In this article, we are going to cover everything you need to know about splitting your pills; the do’s and don’ts and especially how you can do it […]

Open Enrollment 2021: Health Sharing Plans Compared To Health Insurance Marketplace

If you’re enrolling in a health insurance plan for 2021, marketplaces like healthcare.gov or HealthSherpa are ideal for people who don’t get their insurance through their employer and who have pre-existing conditions or higher health needs. But what if you’re healthy? What if you don’t have high expenses related to chronic conditions? What if you […]

Open Enrollment 2021: What You Need To Know This Year.

Has it been a year already?  Healthcare open enrollment is approaching faster this year, than any other year, and choosing a health plan is very important.  A lot has changed since last year because of COVID-19 and it’s critical that you have some form of health insurance for the coming year.   Biggest 2021 Open Enrollment Updates Insurance […]

The Best Telemedicine Companies Compared

Telehealth or telemedicine use is on the rise since the COVD-19 pandemic hit. And, ever since the CDC recommended the benefits of telemedicine, the amount of companies providing online doctor services has exploded. But not all telemedicine companies are created equal. While most offer board certified doctors, the quality of the service and app can […]

How To Use A Prescription Discount Card

You may have seen ads for prescription savings cards or heard that there’s a free way to save on your medication but what are they and how do you use one? There’s a lot of confusion about what discounts are available when you shop for medications at different pharmacies. In this article, we’ll explain what […]

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They Did It, You Can Too 

“About a year ago I was traveling and needed to take my son to the er in Northeast Ohio. 

Zach Obront

This is a MUST READ for anyone who breathes. Scott details how to choose health care plans,

Nancy Ayers

Being self employed and in very good health I found my self at 58 with an $820 monthly

Nat Comisar

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